Dan Pozzo

Plumber (and builder/decorator)
Henry (88)

  • Dan Pozzo
  • 07855 252123

Full Spectrum Decorators


Decorators, Painters, etc.

Natalia Mi @8

I can recommend a great decorator , he painted our house and front door also did few houses in Abbeyville area and a friend house.

  • 020 8446 2197
  • 1A Churchfield Ave, N12 0NS


Julia (85)

  • 07957 167927

Tony Martin

Painter and Decorator

  • Tony Martin
  • 07940 353772

Tony Martin

Painter Decorator
Elizabeth Hardacre, Candice Handrick, Diane Oliver

We have used Tony Martin 07940353772. He did most of the painting for people down our old street. Really nice guy. – Elizabeth Hardacre

I can vouch for Tony Martin ( mentioned just above) – great guy and great work. He repainted our entire house a few months ago and it was a pleasure to have him around. Always cleaned at the end of the day and very careful with the children 🙂 – Candice Handrick

  • Tony Martin
  • 07940353772

Vasyl Baran

email: bvasylvasyl@gmail.com


The builder we have used to split our loft into 2 rooms and put in some inbuilt shelves. He does small / medium jobs and was recommended by the builder who did our basement but doesn’t do the smaller work.

  • Vasyl Baran
  • 07921 562725